Eliminating Acne

Here’s a quick guide on how you can eliminate your acne, drug-free, with no negative side effects:
Wheatgrass alone will not ‘cure acne’ alone, however it will help.

Follow these 5 steps and you will definitely see a huge improvement in just two weeks.
**Self-discipline is very hard to achieve so just aim to complete two weeks and keep telling yourself you will do it for two weeks and as every day passes you will get closer to your goal, making it easier to keep going, after all on day 13 your not gonna want to give up are you?**

1. First thing in the morning, as soon as you wake up go for a run or do other exercise until you sweat, the perspiration helps to open the pores, and get’s rid of all the oil, pus and other crap inside your skin. Exercise also increases blood flow and circulation which helps your white blood cells to heal your acne quicker.
Man on Treadmill

2. Take a shower and wash your face immediately after you have finished exercising with hot water and exfoliate your skin. Do Not Put Soap On Your Skin.

Shower Image

3. Drink wheatgrass juice, it is best when you buy it in the powder form and then dilute it with water because it generally has more nutrients contained in it. Getting wheatgrass juice from a big supermarket is just like buying orange juice, See Here

4. Don’t touch your face all day. Keep your hands clean!!

5. Wash your face with a hot towel, and exfoliate again then drink wheatgrass just before you go to bed.

In 14 days you will see massive improvements.


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