3 Deadly ‘health’ foods

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3 Health foods you want to avoid

Prepare yourself for a sickening statistic…

The typical ‘westerner’ in countries where we live  such as New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada derives over 65% of total calories from a mere 3 types of foods.  Wheat & Soy & Corn and foods that are derived from these.

According to the excellent health and nutrition researcher Michael Pollon, and his incredible book called Defence of food, humanity has for a long time consumed over 80,000 different types of fungi, animals and plants. He estimates that 3,000 have been extensively consumed in the human diet.


Are you really surprised that there are 1billion overweight adults worldwide, and at least 300million of which are clinically obese? The world health organisation said that obesity is a ‘major contributor to the global burden of chronic disease and disability’.

So… what would be the ‘healthy’ amount of corn, soy and wheat in our diets? Based on thousands of years of human history, and the diet of our ancient ancestors – (which offers us a clear indication of what our digestive system is efficient at processing), this would probably be less than 5% of our total calories.

Considering over 65% of our calories is derived from soy, corn and wheat, it is blatantly obvious, why we have tremendous health problems!

No wonder, just about every person you talk to has some sort of allergy or gluten intolerance (okay that was an exaggeration but you get the point). The reality is, humans are never and will  never be meant to consume massive quantities of these three foods.

Let us not forgot where these industries originated…


The wheat, soy and corn industries are relatively new, and originated from the economic side of things. Every year tens of billions worldwide are generated from the soy, wheat and corn industries. Ultimately, it’s been all about the $$$ and PRECIOUS LITTLE ABOUT HEALTH!

The problem is there are more derivatives to wheat, soy and corn than you think. ..

Here’s a list:

  1. Corn Oil
  2. Soy Protein
  3. Wheat flour
  4. Corn Syrup(Contains High Fructose) HFCS
  5. Hundreds if not thousands of other additives such as wheat starch, soy lecithin, diglycerides, corn and many more..

Every time you drink a sugary soft drink you are loading your body full of High Fructose Corn Syrup. And it’s not just soft drinks… Even a seemingly ‘innocent’ salad dressing, bread ketchup and many other ‘innocent foods’ contain HFCS to the point where your body will be swimming in the stomach-fattening-disease-causing recipe for disaster!

Let us not forget the literally thousands of foods deep fried in corn or soybean oil. Even if these foods are not fried in the oil, the additives are still inside almost every junky processed food item in supermarket. Cake, salad dressing, confectionary, burrito wraps, tomato sauce, chicken with ‘bread crumbs’. All this is REALLY BAD FOR YOU!

Worst of all…

Because corn and soy is a cheap farm feeder, farmers are feeding the majority of stock with these substances which means they are passed up the food chain and into our bodies! This is just like what happens with mercury from fish.

Guess what battery chickens are fed?
Grain, Corn, plus a whole lot of yummy hormones and antibiotics, and don’t forget the artificial yolk colouring. Chickens are foragers designed to roam around eating worms, insects and other seeds. Not be crammed in tiny areas with 5 other chickens barely able to stand up. These leads to unhealthy meat for you and me to eat.

What about cows?

Cows are fed a diet based on corn in feedlot farms, even though they are designed for only one food.
Grass! This is why the cows get sick and this alters the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of the fats to levels that are unhealthy for animals and humans.

And the most screwed up thing in the whole world…

Feeding farm fish such as salmon, soy and corn….

Ridiculous, fish are designed to eat worms, bugs, plankton and other smaller fish, NOT plant based substances.

In summary – If you are eating fish, beef or chicken, your injecting your body with even more soy and corn. So that 65% just got bumped up  a little higher.

Anyway time to wrap things up…

Here’s the reasoning as to why it’s bad to get over half our calories in wheat, corn and soy.


  1. Destroys healthy ratio of omega-6 to omega -3. A healthy ratio is 1 or 2 : 1 however a typical western diet is more like 25:1
  2. Problems with weight gain, and blood sugar, and insulin(diabetes) due to excessive corn and wheat.
  3. Pesticides and herbicides in these crops which create estrogen in our bodies(just like soy, more on this in the next article) which will make you fat.
  4. Gluten Intolerance
  5. One-Two Punch from the estrogenic substances which increase body fat which leads to carcinogenic effects and the typical “Man Boobs” you see on a daily basis.
  6. Ruins PH balance in our bodies.

Plus many, many more…

So how can I avoid this excessive soy, wheat and corn, and take control of my weight, body fat and overall health?

Here’s 7 Ways to live out this new way of life.

  1.      Buy all food from the outer aisles where all the real, whole foods are kept!! Inner Aisles are full of junk.
  2.       Buy Free range chicken and grass fed beef whenever possible.
  3.       Get a greater proportion of carbohydrates from fruit and NOT grains.
  4.       Avoid supermarket “Healthy Salad Dressings”
  5.       Reduce your cereal, pasta, and break intakes or anything else that contains wheat, soy, and corn for 1 or 2 “Cheat Days”.     But ONLY If you are going out to dinner.
  6.       Congratulations – Now you know what’s good for you and what’s not. Take Action. Chuck out all the junk from your   cupboard  and buy some healthy alternatives.
  7.      Most importantly, remember, that no one is perfect. I can give into temptation just as easily as anyone else. However I can say confidently say that the 3 evil foods only make up around 3-5% of my total calorie intake, which is… a lot better than 65%.

If you make a mistake, don’t EVER put yourself down. Just move on, and do your best to improve for next time.
Take control of your health, Instead of let the grasp of the multi-billion dollar industries suck you in. Remember when you get ill, they won’t be there to help you.


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